Air Terjun Tekala

Hi! Apa khabar? Apa macam cuti? Having fun? Best?
Sambungan kepada our trip to Broga previously from my last update,
our next stop, Air Terjun Tekala!

So we decided to continue our trip there after done hiking Broga Hill.
The four car headed there around 10.30 a.m. 
We were very excited to get some rest and put our body 
into that cold water. 

At the entrance 

Yeah, we packed some food..

Heading up and up and up we go~

It was totally awesome!
It was cold and refreshing~

Yeah..celup..celup kaki pun segar~

Dah lapar, it's time to eat! :D

We did stop at Tasik Cempaka, Bangi for durian later on..

Enjoying so much? :D

Totally worth it.
Apart from all the fun we had.. im glad that this
trip was the key for some of us strengthening the bond 
of friendship between my classmates.

Till then my friends,
Assalamualaikum :D

2 Responses
  1. babycomel Says:

    syoknya air terjun!

  2. AsLaH Says:

    yup!! sejuk sangat~

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